A downloadable "Experience" for Windows

Mirror Match is a simple game based around of the concept of combining all the in depth fighting of Street Fighter like fighting games, and the careful planning and execution of Bejeweld style combo based puzzle games.

You can play the game with Keyboard or Gamepad, tho Gamepad is ideal. Your goal is to knock your opponent to Zero health by matching blocks to Attack, Block, and Build super. There are a planned set of characters that will all feature unique stats and a special ability.

This is an early prototype and all planned features are not in the game right now, nor are alternative characters. I plan to develop this over the course of months to flesh out both of those things. Also get good art.

Currently only features a Vs. AI mode and a tutorial


mirror-match-windows-beta.zip 108 MB
Version 8 Jun 21, 2017

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